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Sponsorship in Sport with WHSG

How we create and maximise investments in sponsorship opportunities

When working with companies, the key is to understand our client’s business and marketing objectives in detail, in order that we have a deep insight into the companies we work alongside. Once this has been established, we can get to work on building a strategy within sport which will best allow them to achieve these goals.

This requires extensive research into the target customers of a client from a B2B and B2C perspective, then once this information is established, pinpointing suitable sports and then teams or individuals within those chosen sports which will best fit with their requirements. The analysis we present to clients is very data heavy and always makes them comfortable with the decisions they are undertaking.

We also work as a plug-in commercial department for smaller rights holders or for one-off events. We scrutinise the financial markets for both relevant established companies and challenger brands to partner rights holders, ensuring that no revenue stream is left unexplored, delivering maximum possible revenue and exposure for companies and rights holders.


We carry out in-depth research for our clients in order that they have plenty of data at their disposal to make the correct decisions. This involves detailed analysis into the audiences and media reach of different sports so that brands are clear which platform is likely to benefit them the most. For rights holders, we use our knowledge and research to educate them on realistic financial targets, and subsequently research relevant companies with which they can partner.


Creating a successful strategy in sport is all about matching a company with the right sports property, which will provide suitable reach and exposure to a relevant fanbase. With our expertise we are able to connect brands with the right properties through strategies which can be complex and spanning multiple sports, or simplistic and targeting just one individual sportsman. All the strategies which we develop alongside our clients are tailored to their business and marketing goals.

Contract Execution

Once the strategy has been established, then we utilise our connections within the industry to begin creating a rights package with the chosen teams or individuals. After negotiating agreeable terms for our client, we assist with the final execution of the contract.

Press & Media

We are able to assist clients with maximising the impact of their sponsorships within the media, so as to ensure their brand is visible across multiple platforms. We also create rights activation programmes which generate content for distribution on social, digital and traditional media channels.


The best sponsorships bring not only huge media reach for brands, but also can be attributed directly to new business opportunities and a positive impact on financial company performance. We use our wealth of experience at WHSG to set realistic targets from sponsorships which clients undertake and assist with evaluating their success during and after the contract term.

Sponsorship Clients

We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the following brands and rights holders across a diverse range of sponsorship projects in the world of sport...